ALPHA TRUST HOLDINGS S.A. (the “Company”) informs the investors that, today, it sold by private placement, concluded as a pre-agreed trade (block trade) under the provisions of the Athens Exchange Rulebook, 35,138 own shares, equivalent to 1.1283% of its paid-up share capital, at a price of € 8,00 per share and a total value of € 281,104.00, in compliance with article 49 of law 4548/2018 and the decision of the Board of Directors dated 29.04.2024 and after taking into account the expiry of the twelve-month period from the date of acquisition of own shares, within which, pursuant to para. 3 of article 49 of Law 4548/2018, the distribution of own shares to the Company’s personnel should have been carried out, as well as the recently increased demand from investors for participation in the Company’s share capital.
The above-mentioned shares were acquired in accordance with the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting dated 22.10.2021, with an average purchase price of € 4,33 per share. After the aforementioned sale, the Company holds 41,250 own shares in total, equivalent to 1.3246% of its total number of shares.
It is noted that the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company’s shareholders dated 03.11.2023 regarding the acquisition of own shares up to 10% of its share capital, after the deduction of 77,308 own shares, already acquired at the time from a previous share buyback program, i.e. a total of up to 303,683 shares, with a maximum price of € 10.00, remains in force.

Kifissia, April 30th, 2024