At ALPHA TRUST we create value for the society not only through our business activities but also through our social work. The action plan we develop annually, from our foundation until today, includes sponsorships to social institutions, scholarships and support for research, conferences and cultural activities.

Through our contribution we grow more and more and we continue to offer to social groups in need, with the same fervor and always with the support of our shareholders.

Our Initiatives

Supporting Education

ALPHA TRUST places particular emphasis on the field of education, contributing in every way to the cultivation and development of young people. We believe that education is a decisive factor in people’s lives and that is why we undertake initiatives to which we invite everyone to contribute. Our actions involve rewarding effort and excellence through scholarships and other awards, as well as sponsorships to educational institutions and foundations.

Student Internships

ALPHA TRUST has consistently implemented an internship program for many years, hosting students and undertaking their training in the fields of mutual fund management, sales, accounting and marketing. 

Rewarding Excellence

  • Annual scholarships to children of our employees.
    At the same time, reinforcing the value of excellence internally, ALPHA TRUST has established a monetary award for the children of its employees who distinguish themselves as excellent pupils and students.

  • Excellence Awards to students of the University of the Aegean

    In 2022 we rewarded the outstanding student of each year of the Financial & Management Engineering Department of the University of the Aegean. Highlighting academic performance and potential is of the utmost importance to us and an integral element of our social contribution to education.


We support, in the form of sponsorships, structures of an educational nature, and in particular in 2022 we offered financial support to the work of the American School of Classical Studies as well as the following:

We promote social solidarity

We consistently support vulnerable social groups, recognized non-profit organizations and social structures with the aim of improving people’s quality of life.

Since our establishment to date, we have supported the work of Foundations and Organizations, such as “FLOGA, A.P.H.C.A., ELEPAP, the Smile of the Child, Agia Sophia Children’s Hospital, as well as the local community through the Municipality of Kifissia.

Offering food to vulnerable groups

Staying true to our values and commited on the quality of our offers, in collaboration with leading companies in the food industry, such as UNILEVER and 3Alfa, since 2012 we support vulnerable families with food throughout Attica, starting from the Homeless Reception Center of the Municipality of Athens. Then, from 2014 until today, responding to the request of the Vocational Education and Training Laboratory (EEEEK Piraeus) in Kaminia of Piraeus, for donations of necessities (food and technological equipment) we support the families of the students twice a year.

Support for the "ELPIDA" Association's sailing charity race

Our love for the sea and children was expressed through our Company’s long-term sponsorship of the “ELPIDA” Association’s sailing charity race, with the aim of building the “ELPIDA” children’s oncology hospital. In this sponsorship, we were supported by the President of the Panhellenic Open Sea Sailing Club, Mr. Ioannis Maragoudakis, as well as, among other brilliant athletes, the Olympic gold medalists Sofia Bekatorou and Emilia Tsoulfa, as well as the ocean explorer Ellen Mac Arthur, who is doing great philanthropic activity.

Omada Aigaiou

We support the work of the Aegean Group in the arid islands of our homeland by implementing every year infrastructure projects that improve the quality of life, education and medical care of their inhabitants.

We promote Culture

At ALPHA TRUST we support activities that promote our culture and cultural heritage and contribute with grants for activities and events involving music, visual arts, performing arts and literature, as well as offer grants for the preservation and promotion of history and preservation of our culture. More specifically, in 2021 we supported events of the Athens College Scholarship program, exhibitions as well as educational programs of the Goulandris Museum of Natural History. Also, with the aim of strengthening the work of the Benaki Museum and the Gennadeus Library – American School of Classical Studies in Athens, ALPHA TRUST organized art exhibitions on the 20th and 30th anniversary of its establishment respectively.