Alpha Trust Holdings S.A. is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange and serves as the parent company of “Alpha Trust Mutual Fund and Alternative Investment Fund Management Single Member S.A.”, holding 100% of its shares.

Listed on the Athens Stock Exchange

Listed in the Main Market of the Athens Stock Exchange since 5th July 2022.

You can visit the company’s page on the official website of the Athens Stock Exchange. 


ALPHA TRUST HOLDINGS serves as the parent company of the ALPHA TRUST Group, extending comprehensive administrative, financial, organizational, and operational support to both its subsidiaries and external partners. Through a spectrum of services and information offerings, it facilitates efficient and cohesive operations, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the group’s endeavors.

Corporate Governance
The Board of Directors, Values and Corporate Governance of ALPHA TRUST HOLDINGS.
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Milestones in our History


  • ALPHA TRUST introduces the original digital platform for participation in Mutual Funds.
  • Division of the Company with the detachment of the branch. Concentration on the parent company ALPHA TRUST HOLDINGS, of the activities of the subsidiary companies.
  • ALPHA TRUST is distinguished for the sixth time as the “Best Mutual Fund Management Company” at the Business Money Awards.


The shares of ALPHA TRUST AEDAKOEAE are listed on the Main Market of the Athens Stock Exchange.


ALPHA TRUST recognizes the importance of making responsible investment decisions based on ESG criteria and proceeds to join the “Principles for Responsible Investment” (PRI) initiative as an “Investment Manager Signatory.”


The world’s top-performing Pure Bond Mutual Fund, ALPHA TRUST INTERNAL BONDS, with triple-digit returns over a five-year period.

The Group establishes a subsidiary in Luxembourg supervised by the Luxembourg Financial Supervisory Authority (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier – CSSF) and launches the Alternative Investment Funds series: KESTREL INVESTMENT SUB-FUND & FALCON REX INVESTMENT SUB-FUND


The largest independent company managing Professional Pension Funds, playing a significant role in insurance reform.


ALPHA TRUST acquires the additional license (AIFM) regarding the management of alternative investments.


  • Acquisition of CYPRUS AEDAK (a subsidiary of the Bank of Cyprus) and its absorption


It entered into an agreement with Rathbones Brothers Plc. for the sale of the private wealth management business of British clients of TAYLOR YOUNG INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT Ltd.


The shares of ALPHA TRUST A.E.P.E.Y. are listed on the Alternative Market of the Athens Stock Exchange.


The establishment of ALPHA TRUST ELLINIKI GI AE with the aim of real estate utilization, which later merges with ALPHA TRUST.


Acquisition of GENIKI AIFM (a company of the Société Générale Group) and its absorption.


ALPHA TRUST, the first company in Greece whose mutual funds are rated by Morningstar™.


  • Establishment of the ALPHA TRUST Argus Fund of Hedge Funds in collaboration with Julius Baer, based in Switzerland.
  • Acquisition of a majority stake in Taylor Young Investment Management Ltd/UK, a company regulated by the FSA with a purely British clientele of private individuals.


Establishment of ALPHA TRUST ANDROMEDA AIFM, which today is the only Listed Portfolio Investment Company on the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE).

ALPHA TRUST acquires Ioniki AIFM, which is renamed ALPHA TRUST ASSET MANAGEMENT FUND (later absorbed by ALPHA TRUST ANDROMEDA).

Establishment of ALPHA TRUST Innovation VC (Venture Capital) aiming to support new entrepreneurship.


The ALPHA TRUST New Enterprises Mutual Fund (now ALPHA TRUST Hellenic Equity Fund) achieves the highest performance in its history with triple-digit returns for the year and quadruple-digit returns over the three-year period. This record has not yet been surpassed


After the acquisition of Hambros Bank by Société Générale, a group of shareholders led by the founders acquires all the shares of the Group’s companies.


The Financial Advisory Firm obtains the first license as an Investment Service Provider (ISP) according to Law 2396/1996, from the Hellenic Capital Market Commission.


ALPHA TRUST establishes the first thematic Mutual Fund in Greece, the ALPHA TRUST New Enterprises Domestic Equity Fund. ALPHA TRUST establishes the first thematic mutual fund in Greece, the ALPHA TRUST New Ventures Domestic Equity Fund.


ALPHA TRUST founds ORION AIFM, a Portfolio Investment Company, which was listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) the same year. It was absorbed by ALPHA TRUST ANDROMEDA in 2002.


ALPHA TRUST, in collaboration with Hambros Bank, acquires Schweiz Fund AIFM, which is renamed to HAMBROS HELLENIC FUND Mgt.


The updated legislation 1969/91 is introduced, expanding the mutual funds market (up to that point only two AIFMs operated in Greece). ALPHA TRUST takes on the task to organize, train, and advise on the management of several of the newly established AIFMs, including Schweiz Fund AIFM.


In collaboration with Hambros Bank, Olympus Trust is established, the first investment company for Greek stocks, listed on the London Stock Exchange.


The database of Greek Listed Companies by ALPHA TRUST was widely used by information networks at that time, including Reuters, Telerate, and the Greek press of the era.


The history of ALPHA TRUST begins with six young economists forming a company as Financial Advisors. It specializes in Stock Market Investments but also in the analysis and evaluation of Greek Bonds.